Sustainable Schools


The cornerstone to our school philosophy is the work we do on sustainability.  'Sustainable Schools' is an agenda designed to help schools look at 8 different doorways:

  1. Energy and Water
  2. Travel and Traffic
  3. Global Dimension
  4. Purchasing and Waste
  5. Local Well-being
  6. Inclusion and Participation
  7. Food and Drink
  8. Buildings and Grounds

 Each of these doorways supports different types of provision and enables a school to work towards long term sustainability.  

‘Sustainable development will enable all people throughout the world to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising the quality of life for future generations.’


The core principles, which underpin the success of this strategy in the long term, are as follows:

  •  Care for oneself
  •  Care for each other (across ethnicities, cultures, religions, abilities, genders, distances,  generations, social economics  and species)
  •  Care for the environment (near and far).

To achieve the necessary change we as a whole society need to ‘think and work in a profoundly different way.’

The practitioners in our school are committed to the practice, principles and education needed to make such a profound change.  We pledge to teach and inspire the children in our care to respect and love themselves, each other and the natural world.  Our long-term goal is thus to have a dynamic impact on the local community in which our children live and grow.  This achievement will consequently reach into other communities and spread the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to achieve a sustainable world.


‘If the Earth had formed a year ago, on 1 January, life would have appeared on 26 February, dinosaurs would have arrived on 10 December to vanish 16 days later, and Homo Sapiens would only have showed up very late on 31 December.  A few minutes later, in less than a second, they would have drastically altered the fragile balance between land, seas and atmosphere.’ 

 (UNEP 2000).


Threaded through our curriculum are different aspects of provision linked to the 'Sustainable Schools' agenda.


ECO Schools and

Forest Schools


We endeavour to foster a love of our beautiful planet through the nurturing of respect for all life and a sense of connection with nature.

Unicef Rights Respecting Schools and Global Citizenship


Children are taught about the rights and responsibilities of all people and encouraged to show care and compassion towards themselves, each other and their environment.

InternationalSchool and Fairtrade


We foster a respect and tolerance for difference and diversity and encourage children to see themselves as a valued member of a global community.