Our Role

As a school governing body we are very proud of our inspirational school.  We take a leading role in the development of school provision and are regular visitors in the classroom.  We are fully committed to continually developing excellence that the school and it's staff aspire to maintain.

Who we are

Alfreton Nursery School Governors is made up of the Head Teacher, 1 Local Authority Governor appointed by the Local Authority, 4 Parent Governors who are elected by the parents, 5 Co-Opted Governors, appointed by the Governing Body and 1 Staff Governor.  Our term of office is 4 years.

What we do

  • We set the strategic direction of the school
  • We challenge and support the school by monitoring, reviewing and evaluating
  • We hold the school to account for its work
  • We make sure parents and pupils are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate
  • We make information available to the community

How we work

We have one full governor meeting and two sub-committee meetings every term.  We also have link governors who look closely at particular aspects of the school's work and make regular visits to school to meet staff and children.

Contacting the Governors

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions we would really like to hear from you.  You can contact the governors by either approaching any of us in person or via the School Office.

Becoming a Governor

Any parent can stand for election to the governing body.  If you are interested in becoming a school governor, and would like further information, please speak to the Head Teacher or to any of the governors.

Further information about Governors is available from Derbyshire County Council


Alfreton Nursery School Governors 2016-17


Name Category Appointing Body

Term of Office  Expires

Committee Membership Link/s & Responsibilities Position
Gill O'Hagan Local Authority Local Authority August 2018

Resources Management (RMC), Performance Management (PM)

Safeguarding & Child Protection, SEN/Children in Care, Link Governor British Values & Community Cohesion, Curriculum Monitoring (Link Governor Understanding of the World, Maths, PSED)

Chair of Governors Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee (TLC)

Link Gov British Values & Community Cohesion

Peter Ellse Co-Opted Governing Body April 2019


Curriculum Monitoring (Link Governor Maths, PSED, Understanding of the World, ICT)

Vice Chair of Governors & MD of Cosy                     Chair of Resources Management Committee (RMC)

Angela Stanton Head Teacher Local Authority n/a RMC                     Teaching & Learning Committee (TLC)  Curriculum Monitoring Head Teacher
Amanda Hubball Staff Staff September 2018 RMC, TLC


Anti Bullying,   Curriculum Monitoring

Katie Cresswell Co-Opted Governing Body April 2020 RMC, TLC Health & Safety, Target Setting, Recording & Assessment, Curriculum Monitoring
Louise Ashmore Co-Opted Governing Body April 2019 RMC, TLC Curriculum Monitoring
Nicola Bettison Co-Opted Governing Body April 2019 TLC Curriculum Monitoring
Melissa Humphries Co-Opted Governing Body April 2019 RMC, TLC Curriculum Monitoring
Sarah Throup Parent Parents June 2018 TLC Curriculum Monitoring
Louise Calow Parent Parents January 2020 RMC,TLC

Gifted & Talented, Curriculum Monitoring, Link Governor Inclusion & Behaviour

Cerian Moncaster Parent Parents January 2021 TLC Curriculum Monitoring
Kristy Johnson Parent Parents January 2021 RMC Curriculum Monitoring


Name Category Appointing Body

Terms of Office/Date of Resignation

Committee Membership Link/s & Responsibilities Position
Bowie Brooks Parent Parents June 2014/             October 2016


Curriculum Monitoring


Emma Kier Parent Parents June 2014/             October 2016 


Curriculum Monitoring



Clerk to Governors - Diana Riley


For more information on subcommittees and dates of meetings please click below: