Community Links

We are fully committed to support every child to become happy and effective communicators in their own community and the wider world. We host and collaborate in a range of events, through education and business connections. Our local community is at the heart of our ethos, which enables each child to participate, engage and invest in society from the beginning.

Some of our events include Grandparents tea dances, STEM open days, Forest School and Harvest celebrations. 

Helping children to develop an empathic mind towards ageism, has evolved through our weekly visits to a local care home. This in hand with many other communal events and activities all serve to sow the seeds for supporting and empowering our children to flourish in and along with society.  

At the heart of every child is a unique genius and personality. What we should be doing is allowing the spark of that genius to catch fire, to burn brightly and shine

Michael Morpurgo

British children’s author

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