Forest Schools

Embracing the outdoors is an essential part of our children’s learning experience and we have developed 2 amazing woodland environments within our grounds. We use a Forest School approach within our beautiful woodlands, led by fully trained Forest School Leaders within the nursery team. Forest Schools is a child centred inspirational learning process which enables our children to make meaningful connections with the natural environments that they immerse themselves within. Our children are encouraged to take managed risks through experiences such as climbing trees, enjoying a group fire and using real tools. Having the opportunity to learn in fabulous woodland environments, supports our children’s wellbeing, creating calmness, happiness, curiosity and resilience, as their experiences are real and their journey’s unique to them. The children grow in confidence, they physically challenge themselves, they become competent in their explorations and discoveries and they experience the woodland throughout its seasons of change and beauty, no matter what the weather brings.

Communication and Language
Communication and Language
Communication and Language
Communication and Language

At the heart of every child is a unique genius and personality. What we should be doing is allowing the spark of that genius to catch fire, to burn brightly and shine

Michael Morpurgo

British children’s author

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